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Access to authorized retailers, curbside pick-up and restaurants offering take-out or delivery services will be maintained, in accordance with governmental guidelines. 

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Sales Associate

Part Time


- Work in close collaboration with the managers.
- Provide customer service and process transactions.
- Participate in maintaining a neat presentation of the merchandise.
- Control internal theft and shoplifting theft.


- Reach customers by welcoming them with a smile.
- Make sure all customers are answered.
- Advise customers on their purchases.
- Inform all customers about current promotions.
- Deliver excellent customer service.
- Accompany the customer to the fitting room.
- Make adjustments (folding trouser bottoms, adjusting the waist and so on) for children during fitting.
- Offer matching accessories to complete the sale.
- Get hard to reach clothing and accessories with a retriever hanger.
- Work in the baby accessory department as well as the clothing department.
- Display posters and labels when promotions occur.
- Participate in maintaining a neat presentation of the store and merchandise.
- Pick-up clothes on counters and empty the trash cans.
- Work on a computer.
- Process transactions at the cash register.
- Help with balancing the cash register at the end of the day when necessary.
- Close sales by thanking customers by their name.
- Control shoplifting theft with great vigilance.
- Make sure Internet requests and clients' order status are up to date
- Any other task related to the proper functioning of the company.


- Secondary grade V or High school grade 12.
- Keep a neat, professional look.
- Work different shifts (day/evening) on occasion.
- Excellent communication with the manager, assistant manager, and supervisor.


- Wage: to be determined
- Flexible work schedule: available days, evenings and weekends.
- No vacations during the month of August, the holidays and Spring Break.

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